You can reduce back to school chaos by creating four easy to maintain stations.  Applying a few simple systems can save hours of frustration and make your days run smoother.  Your home will be organized when every item has a place to live. There is no better time than the beginning of the school year to set up these systems. Try it and you can avoid the chaos often experienced as we transition from summer to fall.

One.  Family Communication Station

The center of any good communication station is the calendar.  For a family calendar it to be effective it must include the activities of every family member.  This can be done by using one big calendar with large squares or you can provide a separate calendar for each member of the family.  Adding a bulletin board and dry erase board for notes and lists will complete your station.

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Two.  Lunch Packing Station

Set up a lunch packing station and you will save time and energy and possible even make packing lunch enjoyable.  Select an area of your kitchen where you can store all items needed to pack your lunch, including that new Finding Dory lunch box, utensils, napkins and plastic baggies.  Set up a container in your refrigerator with pre-packed snacks (think carrot sticks) ready for lunch or snacks on the go.

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Three.  Backpack Station

This station is designed so that the kids have a specific place for their backpacks as they enter the home.  For the system to be effective it’s important to provide separate hooks set at the height of each child. Dropping those papers that need signing in a bin above the hooks is a great way to jog your memory and save time.

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Four.  Homework Station

A designated area to study with a specific place for everything is a great way to make homework more enjoyable.  It’s best to find an area with few distractions with stationery supplies available within arm’s reach.  A comfortable chair, at the correct height for your child, and proper lighting is a must so your child’s not straining their eyes while they work.

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