Mission Statement

Your Tasks – Our Time gives clients back their time, space and life by providing organizing, de-cluttering, downsizing and moving services.   Our goal is to meet and exceed expectations by offering organizing services with honesty, integrity and respect to improve your quality of life and lead to a more rewarding, productive and healthy lifestyle.

Vision Statement

The core of Your Tasks – Our Time is our commitment to the well-being, growth and peace of the people we serve. We strive to improve their quality of life through teaching, coaching and guiding each individual toward a path that helps them realize their personal and business goals.  We accomplish this through the philosophy of mind, body and space. The mind, body and space philosophy is a cohesive approach that guides you to a place where you can accomplish your daily tasks and establish functional systems that support individual, family and business growth.


A new sense of mental control is often the result when the clutter is cleared. There is a clarity that comes when we are able to respond to the needs of personal and business life with ease and grace.


When the burden of disorder is lifted from our shoulders, we feel physically lighter, more energetic and less stressed.  This relief can lead to increased work productivity, greater enthusiasm and better relationships.


Having the physical space to move forward, grow and accomplish our everyday tasks can inspire and motivate us to fulfill our larger goals and dreams. The integrated experience of mind, body, space are the real effects of the organizing process that is assisted by Your Tasks – Our Time.  We support and empower our clients as vehicles of change to ensure specific and clear results.