September 21, 2016

To Whom it May Concern,

Organizing from the attic to the basement, including 3 bedrooms and a garage to get ready for Auction of contents of a big old Farmhouse, for a move to a warmer climate.

So we started in the garage, (huge job) then moved to the house, starting with my little garden house and basement. Darla and Ruth were amazing, this was at times a dusty and gritty job, but they are not afraid to tackle anything!! My kind of people! Then we continued inside the house, the attic was pretty full of collectibles, antiques and lots of clothing. We took almost all the clothing and some household items in good shape to Goodwill Industries here locally (so far 8 truckloads) but I feel this will do a lot of good for some people. Darla also was kind enough to help with suggesting people for storage/shipment and I found our auctioneer thru her suggestion, and this company is an excellent fit for us!!! What was most amazing, during the last week of organizing my husband had to go to the hospital and shortly after had quadruple bypass, so we suspended our organizing until we got my hubby home again. Words will never be enough to thank Darla for her compassion, caring and consideration during this ordeal. Darla called to see if I and my husband were okay and in need of help. This is going beyond the call of duty in a job, she is a friend and I feel honored to know her. In going thru this process, I can only say, if you need a professional, caring and considerate person to help you thru the maelstrom of organizing, decision making and moving, call on Darla Pompilio at “YOUR TASKS – OUR TIME LLC” both Darla and her side-kick Ruth are expert at what they do, and they WILL get it done. Oh, by the way now that my hubby is on the mend, I will again ask Darla to help me with further organizing to complete our move. Thank you again, Darla and Ruth, looking forward to completing the job with both of you, could not do it without you!!

You ladies rock!!!

CJ Mathis
September 21, 2016

National Association of Senior Move Managers,

Over several months Darla helped us declutter our house where we had lived for 50 years & pack up our remaining belongings as we moved several hundred miles away.

Darla is a professional. She is personable, pleasant, patient, calm & very organized. She went through things quickly, folding clothing or sorting & packing items according to our wishes. She listened to questions & responded with suggestions that were nonjudgmental & comfortable. Although sorting through personal things accumulated over many years can be exhausting, she made it less so by being positive & patient. She delivered our donated items to a highly respected charity without charge, & then presented us with IRS viable tax receipts. She worked with us many times for several months before our move. We highly recommend Darla for organizing & decluttering & packing up any home or workspace.
Dave and Cynthia Gibby

Dave and Cynthia Gibby
Right from the start, this was a perfect match. From the initial consultation, to two days working in my apartment, everything we set out to do was accomplished!! I would definitely use both Darla and Ruth again!!!
Darla is a rare find. She must be an organizer’s organizer, bringing effort, smooth effort, efficiency, speed and know-how to her work. All of this is in the midst of a pleasant and truly giving character. I feel lucky indeed to have found her and her services.
Dr Maurie Pressman, Emeritus Chairman of Psychiatry, Albert Einstein Medical Center
Darla was instrumental in helping me to transform my office. Darla helped me organize my business documents, supplies, coaching materials and books into logical space saving compartments and she was able to quickly and efficiently arrange a more user friendly and clutter free office space. I would highly recommend Darla for any of your organizational needs.
Terri Levine, The Guru of Coaching
Darla’s organizational skills are second to none. She recently organized a full garage to a fully functional workspace and storage area. I can finally fit my truck, my motorcycle and my bicycle in the same space, while still having the ability to get to my tools. She tackles everything I don’t want to with vigor
Craig Wohl, owner of CW Security, Doylestown, PA
She is incredible, efficient, professional. She is very articulate, very open and honest in her work. She knows what to do to get the best result.
Renee Schweber, Edison, NJ